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Pursatya Arts Technologies Pvt. Ltd. Is the Best web designing and development company in India aims to deliver world class mobile responsive websites, built to serve your purpose and to grow along with your organization, therefore we put our best effort on every single website project considering it as our own site. Our Aim is to make people aware about what is importance of website design in today’s world. Pursatya Arts Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is Fastest growing Web Development Company in India, which  is only doing project with creativity and we always make sure that we match with all the parameters of upcoming Technology in the world. Pursatya Arts Technologies Pvt. Ltd. believes in Professional Website Design so that it can work as one man army to support your Business.

At Pursatya Arts Technologies Pvt. Ltd. , we craft website in such a way that it provides app-like viewing experience on all devices like smartphones, tablets & e-reader apart from desktop, with easy reading and no requirement of resizing the page or font. RWD (Responsive Web Design) provides best quality browsing experience, as mobile device requires simple navigation, clear and readable content & fast page loading. In RWD, a user needs not to zoom or scroll the page left to right to read the content, that makes your website user friendly.

Best Web Designing Company in India

Looking for the top web design companies in India? Here’s the list of best Indian web designer that offers high-quality website design services in India. In the global web development market, India is the most preferred destination for outsourcing web designing services. However, pick the best web design service provider from thousands of designing companies and freelancer, web designers in India is indeed a huge task in itself. Pursatya Arts Technologies Pvt. Ltd. have ranked one of the top website design companies in India to simplify this task and assist service seekers in their search. Explore the below list of top website designers in India and assign your project to the responsive web design company that best suits your needs:


In today lifestyle for business growth first need is make your business worldwide which can only possible through making business portal online. As per competition is increase our priory is to make unique designs to attract people and that can achieve by hiring best web designing company in Ambala. Now question arises that how to select best website designing company in Ambala? And how to get all benefits from company for business on peak? Let us help you in taking decision regarding business growth through unique and attractive website so what we are discussing all about is benefits of hiring best web designing company in Ambala there are many benefits of hiring a best website designing company is:

Updated design pattern: – As we all know if we are not individually growing as per growth of society we will be in the count in old fashioned people. As similar as in internet world if someone is not updated, growth will become slower alike for business growth we need good web site design with updated patterns of new era.

High quality product: – One of the best thing they provide is high quality product. Here quality refers as unique, attractive and creative web designs that attract people in first look. High quality website grabs user’s attention very fast Expertise people: – In any best website designing company people are highly expertise in obtain customer reward, they will definitely give you best web design in market so you can easily achieve growth as individual.

Positive impression: – A good website design makes user more comfortable, and comfort is all we need. By choosing a good web design company business reach the top of the list.
Easy interface: – In market if any website is growing the first is easy to access reliable for long. If web design use design that make user interface attractive and easy will fast grow the website this automatically grow the business with business growth market value also increase

Custom and professional design:- A custom and professional design is only designed by the profession to attain individual growth as a online business website.


Pursatya arts Pvt. Ltd. Is India’s top leading SEO Company in Ambala, India. We as a SEO company consult and implement your entire digital marketing strategy. Our services include everything from online reputation management, to SEO services to re-designing your website to engage your customers and developing online applications. If you are in digital marketing business you already know the power that SEO can turn your business around positively. Today 75% of people use internet for making purchase with the help of search engines. When people do online shopping they attract with how you present your business and became a buyer. We at Pursatya Arts, one of the best SEO company in Ambala, We help our clients to attract customers. We work in a team of dedicated professionals with more than decades of SEO experiences. Our team is expert in SEO and we are passionate about our work to make your business grow. Our team of experts provide top visibility on search engine results pages.

Why Choose Pursatya Arts – SEO Company in Ambala

Satisfied Customers : – We have worked with more than 500 clients and they are satisfied with our product and services. We believe in customer satisfaction. We understand the business nature of our client first and analyse their customer range and work accordingly.

Cost effective Price : – We work on cost effective technique for our customers. Our clever online marketing services help the casual browser buy your product and services. We help client maintain their website on very cost effective price.

Certified SEO Company : – Pursatya Arts is SEO certified company. Our team of SEO experts are Google Analytics and Google Adwords certified individuals. We help our client to growth in global market.

An Ethics-led SEO company : – We are ethics-led SEO Company. We do not promise our customers to magical top ten listings overnight like so many SEO companies do. We work in real world and recommend you your current scenario and show you the right path to gain traffic. Our services include sustainable long term marketing program to build and achieve your dream listing.

Desired Result achiever : – We help our clients to stay on the top of the competition. We provide simple and transparent solutions and help clients build around specific requirements. Our team of experts help clients achieve their results according to their requirements. We don’t fake promises to our clients. We help our clients in every step of setting up a successful online business.

Improve website Ranking :- We learn the company norms and our team of expert SEO uses latest trends to build your website ranking. We help clients to bring their website on top for search crawlers.

Enhanced brand recognition & identity : – we help clients to become a successful brand in their business field by providing them relevant content which is accessible to their customers easily. Our services helps our clients attain good public exposure and get enhanced brand recognition. Our team of experts help our clients to grow their business globally.



Web Development Company in Ambala : – Web Development Company in Ambala specializes in developing W3C standard websites that are compatible with all devices. They are also known for designing effective virtual branding. We are known as one of the best web development company in Ambala and have been providing services to our clients from last 10 years successfully. We help our clients with satisfactory outcomes which help their business to grow.Best Web Development Company We are known asone of the best development company because we have a dedicated team of professional developers and designers. We as a team create powerful and engaging websites. We know it very well that your business website is not just a virtual representation of your company’s profile; it works as a mirror for your company’s objectives and goals. An attractive and informative website is a need for any business not a choice.

Best Web Development Company in Ambala

We as a Best Web development company in Ambala providing services from more than 10 years. We have experience in building world class websites for your business. We as a team learn the ins and outs of your business to help in your business growth. We choose the right technology according to your business to avoid unplanned costs for business loss. We help business in discovering new business models.

Web Development Services :- Customizing web development projects with 100% accuracy with perfectly matching the requirements to your business is our specialization. Our company uses latest technologies to develop a suitable and best website to your business. We believe in result driven. We are expert in custom web development in the area of social networking Applications, Membership/Subscription Sites, Complex informational sites, community driven sites, complex web applications, complex e- commerce, Multifunctional web portals etc.

Website Development Company We are passionate and result oriented Web Development Company based in India. We deliver high end website designs for companies. We look after company’s needs and requirements. We ensure the success of clients with whom we work. This is the reason we are the trusted name globally and we have worked for more than 400 clients successfully.

Website Development Company in Ambala

 There are many website development companies in Ambala but our company is one of the best website development company. Our clients get fully functional and highly usable web applications matching to their business requirements and needs. We ensure full control and complete transparency of the development backed with seamless communication. We maintain smart and open application architecture for high solution productivity.

Best Website Development Company in Ambala

We are one of the best website development companies in Ambala because of our technically strong team with the experience of more than 10 years. We follow the best coding guidelines and quality standards. We maintain the high website structure to grow your business. We ensure performance, load and stress testing before delivery website to client. We as a company maintain high end security against malicious practices and uses up-to-date techniques using latest technologies.


With an easy access to internet and gained popularity, moreand more people use web nowadays. And with this, the popularity of emails has also increased. Whether corporates or individuals everybody today emphasize on using the emails for daily work communication. Not only this for many logins, downloads, sign ins, verifications we require an email address. Emails are the cheapest and fastest way to communicate to a large no. of people at the same time. Therefore the business organizations are heavily using email marketing as one of their marketing strategy. Especially for small organization who cannot invest much in marketing, email marketing is a good marketing technique for a start. The organizations communicate with the customers worldwide through emails and make them aware of their products by sending advertisements and other promotional emails. The most important written communication today are done through the emails and the therefore all the people nowadays have installed the mailboxes into their mobile phones as well and their early morning priorities is to check there mail notifications. And since people are so updated and addicted to checking their mails it is hard for them to          ignore the promotional emails sent by the organizations for advertising their products. The organizations can keep their customers updated with the schemes, offers, discounts, new versions of their products through regular emails to their customers. Organizations can target the customers through social networking sites requesting people to subscribe for daily emails and newsletters.

E-mail Marketing-pursatyartsEmail Marketing-Pursatyaarts


  • The email should not only advertise the product or service but shall contain good quality content that is readable and interesting
  • The organizations should divide the email customer list into various groups so that it knows which email is suitable for which group, as not all the customers would be interested in all type of updates.
  • Sending emails on consistent basis and not only when you want to market the product, a regular email on consistent basis just to stay in touch with the customers is a good idea to always make the customer remember you.
  • Always keep a check whether your emails are properly delivered into the inbox of the customers and are not going into the spam box. The emails should be in such format that they are compatible for all type of devices.

The Marketing Mix or we can say the digital marketing mix consist of the 4 P’s i.e Price, Place, Product and Promotion. People often confuse digital marketing with Digital Promotion, but Digital promotion is just a part of the overall Digital Marketing Mix.Promotion is very crucial for any business activity since communicating the brand image and product details to the potential customers is necessary. Until and unless people don’t know about the product and services there would be no business prospective for the organization. Digitalpromotion is basically the efforts done by an organization in advertising and promoting the products and services offered by an organization online and help the organization in generating business.  



  • Promoting through Google and Bing Ads, Facebook, Twitter and other social media Ads
  • Bulking up product reviews and inserting more and more blogs
  • Conducting Online Contest Competitions
  • Promoting through Google and Bing Ads, Facebook, Twitter and other social media Ads
  • Sending Promotional Emails
  • Making visual promotional videos
  • Launching Mobile Apps to reach out a large no. of people who have access to smart phones.


The most heard and famous promotional tools is Google and Bing Adwords   Since the maximum population of the world is diverted towards Google and Bing, putting Ads on these two search engines is worth the entire investment cost.   Advertising on the big search engines such as Bing and Google helps attract more people to the website and helps to increase the site popularity. Since these two search engines are the most used search engines, people on google and Bing can search for things that the business offer and thus will reach you through the search results.   The organisation can even advertise and target the customers residing abroad as well as locally.

In today’s scenario, creating a simple website no matter how interesting it might look is not enough for a business to market its product. To increase the product popularity and creating a brand image the organizations have to resort to different strategies. Onesuchstrategyis SOCIAL MEDIA OPTIMIZATION. SMO i.e. SOCIAL MEDIA OPTIMIZATION issimplythesharingofcontentrelatedtotheorganizationsproductorservicesthroughsocialmediameanssuchasFacebook, twitteretc. Sincenowadaysmaximumpopulationoftheworldisconnectedtosocialmediathroughoneortheothermeans, SMO isgainingpopularity.SocialMediahasbecome a priorityforbusinessorganizationsforthemarketingaidsinceSocialmediahelpspromotetheproductina costeffectivemannerandina smallspanoftimeto a largeno. ofpeopleconnectedtothesocialmedianetworkingsitesresidingglobally. For SMO itisessentialthatthesocialsharingtoolsareincorporatedontheorganizationswebsitesothattheyareeasilyshareable. Howeverjustincreasingtheno. oflinkstothewebsiteonsocialmediacannotbeconsideredasoptimization. Theorganizationshouldengageitselfwiththerelevantaudienceonsocialmediaandshouldconstantlyandregularlyputcontentonthesocialmediapagessothatpeoplealwaysfindyourproductonthetop. The more you put about and advertise about the product and the more active you keep the social media pages the more your audience will get engaged and the more will be your Social Media Optimization. Socialmediaoptimizationfor a websitehasimpactovertherankingsfor a websiteassearchengineshavestartedacquiringdatafromsocialmediasitesandshowingthemintosearchresults. Asmarketingof a businessisofhighimportanceandisusuallyconsideredasthemostprominentaspectofbusinessstrategy, largeaswellassmallcompaniesrelyoncreative&innovativemarketingtools. Theonlinebusinessesneedallsortofmarketingtacticstoachievetheirtargetsandtomarkettheirproductsandservicesinanefficientmanner. Inthisextremelycompetitiveonlineworld, socialmediahasbecomean ‘inthing’ andissuretolastlong. Socialmedia helpstocreate a uniqueidentityof a websiteandhelpsinpromotingtheproduct/ servicesofferedbyitinanefficientmanner. Itprovides a socialexposureandaddsanadvantagetothe SEO servicesbeingimplementedto a website.
Socialmediaoptimizationfor a websitehasimpactovertherankingsfor a websiteassearchengineshavestartedacquiringdatafromsocialmediasitesandshowingthemintosearchresults. Asmarketingof a
businessisofhighimportanceandisusuallyconsideredasthemostprominentaspectofbusinessstrategy, largeaswellassmallcompaniesrelyoncreative&innovativemarketingtools. Theonlinebusinessesneedallsortofmarketingtacticstoachievetheirtargetsandtomarkettheirproductsandservicesinanefficientmanner. Inthisextremelycompetitiveonlineworld, socialmediahasbecomean ‘inthing’ andissuretolastlong. Socialmedia helpstocreate a uniqueidentityof a websiteandhelpsinpromotingtheproduct/ servicesofferedbyitinanefficientmanner. Itprovides a socialexposureandaddsanadvantagetothe SEO servicesbeingimplementedto a website.

Pursatya-arts-SeoIn the era of Digitalisation, running an online Business has become easy but this does not guarantee a successful business. While selling a product or providing a service there are million other sellers and provider who would market the same product or service. As a normal practice customers search for online business for buying on search engines and only the first few results on the first page of search engine get the maximum clicks, hardly do visitors scroll down and search on the other pages. In this kind of scenario it becomes important to make it easy for people to search and link to your site on search engines, this can be done through one of the digital marketing tool called SEO i.e. search engine optimization..


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Website Developmentsimply means developing a web site. In today’s world, people are having a very busy lifestyle they urge to do more in a small span of time they are therefore unwilling to spend their time where it is not important to. Nowadays every single person has an access to internet, and with this businessman have moved their markets to online trading rather than opening physical outlets. Since people today want to shop at their convenience from home without spending time by visiting shops physically. A lot more consumers search for the products or services online. It is therefore important for online marketers and dealers to have a website so that consumers can easily search for them and shop conveniently. Running an online business is impossible without developing a website. A Website portrays the entire business image. It is through the website design and infrastructure that consumers are attracted towards your business even before they look at the goods or services. Different type of business has different website specification. A website designed for a consumer goods business may not fulfil the requirement of a website designed for a professional service and so on. For the purpose of developing a website for an HR Business would be to recruit new employees while the purpose of a marketing business would be to generate leads  

Website-Development-Pursatyaarts Website-development-Pursatyaarts


  • The website is built in line with the objectives of the business and the type of business is clearly understood.
  • The targets that the business wants to achieve are not set too far and are not vague and impossible to achieve.
  • The website that you want to develop is easy to access and use with sufficient security tools
  • Before introducing the site it should be thoroughly tested and checked. The site shall be regularly reviewed and updated.
developing a website for an HR Business would be to recruit new employees while the purpose of a marketing business would be to generate leads . IDOL WEBSITE FEATURES FAST NAVIGATION SPEED– A website should have a fast navigation speed. A site which lacks this feature losses interest of customers since no person wants to delay work UNCOMPLICATED INFRASTRUCTURE A site infrastructure should be such that it is easy to find relevant thing and visiting from one link to another. GOOD CONTENT No website succeeds if it lacks meaningful and good content even if the website looks attractive. PORTRAYS COMPANIES BRAND IMAGE A website should be build in a way that people recognize the Company easily and it creates an image of the Company in their minds. Also the Company name and logo shall be clearly displayed on each webpage. ACHIEVES SEO A website is of no use until and unless it is not popular among the web searchers. A website should be built in a SEO-friendly way, aiming at increasing the website traffic. UPDATING AT REGULAR INTERVALS A website is of no use if not updated from time to time. Each time a new event occurs or a new product or service is introduced the site shall be updated immediately.