The Most Powerful Tool Digital Promotion

The Marketing Mix or we can say the digital marketing mix consist of the 4 P’s i.e Price, Place, Product and Promotion. People often confuse digital marketing with Digital Promotion, but Digital promotion is just a part of the overall Digital Marketing Mix.Promotion is very crucial for any business activity since communicating the brand image and product details to the potential customers is necessary. Until and unless people don’t know about the product and services there would be no business prospective for the organization. Digitalpromotion is basically the efforts done by an organization in advertising and promoting the products and services offered by an organization online and help the organization in generating business.  



  • Promoting through Google and Bing Ads, Facebook, Twitter and other social media Ads
  • Bulking up product reviews and inserting more and more blogs
  • Conducting Online Contest Competitions
  • Promoting through Google and Bing Ads, Facebook, Twitter and other social media Ads
  • Sending Promotional Emails
  • Making visual promotional videos
  • Launching Mobile Apps to reach out a large no. of people who have access to smart phones.


The most heard and famous promotional tools is Google and Bing Adwords   Since the maximum population of the world is diverted towards Google and Bing, putting Ads on these two search engines is worth the entire investment cost.   Advertising on the big search engines such as Bing and Google helps attract more people to the website and helps to increase the site popularity. Since these two search engines are the most used search engines, people on google and Bing can search for things that the business offer and thus will reach you through the search results.   The organisation can even advertise and target the customers residing abroad as well as locally.